Will outdoor games improve children’s quality of life?

Will outdoor games improve the child’s quality of life???

In a new study, it has been said that there are many positive changes in children through outdoor sports. people resort to the gym or physical training to stay in shape in their youth, but a new study from the Technical University of Munich indicates that outdoor sports can improve concentration in children. The standard of living is improving.

In a recently published study, 3285 girls and 3248 boys were included in the district of Berchtesgadener Land in Bavaria, Germany. The conclusion of this study was drawn based on physical strength, endurance and health.

What is the conclusion of this study?

In this study, it was revealed that children who play sports improved their concentration, health-related quality of life, and physical fitness. In this study, a difference was found between boys and girls, namely that boys performed very well on physical fitness tests while girls were considered to perform better in concentration and body value. life.

With this, underweight children performed much better than overweight children. Not only that, but obese children also performed worse than their classmates on all prescribed health parameters. This study also suggests that if children are nurtured for motor development at a young age, their mental development also has a positive effect. Therefore, to implement these possibilities, there should be increased coordination between parents, school management and sports clubs.

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