Way Day 2022 flash deals: Wayfair sale offers 80% off outdoor furniture, appliances and free delivery on everything

Way Day 2022the homeware and furniture retail website’s annual sale event Wayfair departures at midnight (tonight!) and will will take place the next two days, April 27 and 28. Way Day looks a lot like Amazon’s Prime Day Dealsand other major retail events which means there will be tons of big discounts on all furniture, Appliances, kitchen and home improvement items and all other articles on the Wayfair website.

Wayfair will be offering deals of up to 80% off for Way Day and offering free shipping for everything on the website during the sale over these next two days. To entice shoppers to return to the website during the sale, Wayfair will also be offering limited time “flash deals” or timed sales on top items and brands while supplies last.

As a promotion for Way Day – which starts in just a few hours – Wayfair has already discounted some items that are available nowand that will remain on sale as part of the promotion or while stocks last. Where to find the best deals? If you’re looking to upgrade some appliances or have been holding back spending money on some important furniture, now might be a good time to grab some of these things while they’re available on the cheap. Here’s a look at where you might find some of the best discounts during Way Day 2022.


It’s allergy season right now, and it might be a good idea to have a high-end air purifier handy for the summer months in case wildfires or scorch season might have a regular impact on the air quality where you live. There are several air purifiers on sale now than the first offers, but there will surely be better offers from midnight and over the next couple of days, so return to the air purifiers page often during Way Day if you are looking for a deal on a specific make or model. SEE PRICES


Outdoor seating setups can get quite expensive, so if you’re looking to get a new set for your home before summer arrives, do yourself a favor and grab one of these outdoor patio furniture sets. For example, this four person wicker/rattan furniture set from Rawtenstall is available for only $236 instead of the list price of $1,158. And there are many more like this. SEE PRICES


There are tons of bathroom items on sale, whether you are looking for more pegsa new high pressure shower head (this Delta double shower head this is what I personally have and I love it! It’s currently half price just under $60) or a new bathroom sink or bathroom vanity.


Spending money on a mattress can be tough. When you sleep, you are not awake to appreciate it. And when you wake up, you don’t want to leave it anymore. If you are thinking of upgrading your mattress, whether it’s a pillow top or memory foam model that interests you, now may be the right time with big discounts available on multiple mattress brands. If you need new sheets, there is deals on bedding sets and accents available now for under $100 as well. SEE PRICES


Several major brands and models of refrigerators are now on sale. Due to the pandemic, many people have struggled to find refrigerators and freezers as supplies have run out. Now, with these supply chain issues resolved in some areas, it looks like companies are finally finding they have inventory on hand and many of it being reduced for Way Day. Some of the top rated brands available include Frigidaire models and from GE on sale now for hundreds of dollars off retail prices. SEE PRICES

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