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As the school bells ring to signify the end of term, hordes of children emerge from the school gates for two weeks of endless fun, once again shaking off pesky morning alarms and date nights. ‘due date.

So what better way to spend your free time than with adventurous family-friendly outdoor sports that are sure to tire the kids out and put them to bed at an acceptable time.

If you’re struggling with what fun family activities you can find for your kids, look no further as we’re breaking down the best outdoor fun to try this vacation.

Go cycling

One of the most enjoyable and simultaneously underrated activities has to be cycling. This hobby will have you speeding through rough terrain or lush landscapes and simultaneously giving you a really good workout. No matter where you find your family, the bikes can be attached to the back of the car and taken with you.

Whether it’s a city break, stroll through the concrete jungle with your kids and search for the best cafe to stop for the best food. Or, if you’re heading out of the suburbs for a countryside break, take advantage of the stunning natural sights and take your kids on a wild getaway.

Bonus points if you own a mountain bike, available for kids and adults, two-wheeled transport can get you through just about any tricky territory. Whether you’re sweating uphill gravel or riding a twisty road, anywhere can be the backdrop for your adventure when you’re on one.

Get wet and wild

One of the easiest ways to have fun at any age is to hit the beach and jump into those waves.

A day at the beach is the kind of activity during the school holidays that the whole family will love. While dad lays on the sand guarding the precious cargo of bottled water, snacks and sunscreen, mom and the kids can go surf the waves.

However, while swimming among the crashing waves under the golden sun seems like a utopia, it’s time to raise the bar and add a sporty touch to your day, with the addition of boogie boards, the day at the beach of your child becomes ten times more exciting.

Watch them tire out with races and competitions to see who can catch the biggest wave. Participate in family races with the loser who buys ice cream for the whole family, buy by the time the sun goes down, you will be tired and ready to go to bed, just so you can all start again tomorrow.

Slow down with the grass balls

We all love spending time on an adventure, but if you’re looking for an elusive sport that’s both relaxing, yet still has that competitive edge, look no further than lawn bowling.

Team up with kids against parents, or maybe every man for himself and watch you spend an afternoon or ten laughing and screaming at each other to find out if that ball is out of bounds or not .

You’ll have a school vacation full of laughter, without further exhaustion, which will leave the children well rested and in good spirits, ready for another school term.

Shoot some hoops

No matter their age, youth or child, it’s never too late or too early to teach them how to play basketball. Have fun watching your kids improve and go from hitting the springboard to getting the ball through the net.

Basketball is fun at any age, from trying to sneak the other team’s ball to running around the court bouncing your ball in hopes of making the winning shot.

This game is perfect for siblings and really gets their competitive spirit going, while teaching them the importance of good sportsmanship. They’ll be back in school in no time, shooting hoops and teaching their friends how to land the best jump.


If there was ever an activity to make mom and dad feel like kids again and get your kids excited about being outdoors, it’s roller skating.

The thrill of hitting the sidewalk and the excitement of learning new tricks is enough to keep your kids out all day, just be sure to provide them with well-deserved snacks.

On day one they’ll be outfitted with knee pads and a custom helmet when they land on their own feet, but by the end of the holiday they’ll circle around you and zoom up and down the street, just do sure you know how to catch them!

School holidays are the time when children can let loose and be free from the walls of their classroom for a few weeks. So. instead of having them sit indoors, swapping the school computer for the laptop at home, show them the fun of being outdoors with these exhilarating activities.

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