These outdoor activities put you at higher risk of contracting Covid-19: study

We are seeing an increase in the number of Covid-19 cases in the country, mainly infections of the new Omicron variant. At least 1,79,723 new cases of Covid-19 were reported on Monday alone, according to a Times of India report, and there is again a need for detailed precautions to protect ourselves from this new variant. While following the basic guidelines of using sanitizers often and wearing a mask every time you go out, you should also be knowledgeable about activities that could put you at higher risk of contracting the virus so you can be aware of them. to avoid.

Now, recent research from Virus Watch Study systematically lists the activities that are most likely to expose you to the virus. Shopping, commuting to work and using public transport contribute the most to the transmission of Covid-19, according to the study titled “Virus Watch Study: Non-household activities Covid risk, 20 December 2021”, published on 7 January.

The study takes into account people’s behavior in non-domestic activities during the second wave of the pandemic, when there were restrictions, compared to behavior in September and November of last year, when there were no restrictions. there were no restrictions. According to the study, during both the restriction phase and the non-restriction phase, shopping accounted for the highest number of infections acquired outside, followed closely by the use of public transport as well as by leaving home to go to work.

The study also indicated that while participation in indoor or outdoor sporting activities contributed to increased risk, it was likely caused by the social events associated with it. According to the study, people who leave their homes to shop even twice a week are more likely to be exposed to the virus than others.

Eating in indoor restaurants or cafes, sharing a car with someone who is not from the same household, and attending indoor or outdoor parties are less risky than the activities mentioned above and yet enough not to be ignored. The study also indicated some activities that did not cause infection to be transmitted from person to person. These activities include attending theaters, cinemas, concerts, indoor sporting events, or appointments for beauty services. The study says it found no substantial evidence to prove that these activities increase the risk of transmission.

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