SunHaven Quickly Delivers Lightweight and Attractive Outdoor Furniture


Welcome to HB Obsessed, where our editors spotlight the remarkable products they love. Today it’s modular sets from SunHaven, a company that promises you will be lounging in your outdoor space in a week!

After a season of delays, many redecorating projects have been put on hold because the product is simply not available. As fall approaches, it may seem like now is not the time to invest in outdoor furniture, but trust me, it is. After all, we’re always looking to enjoy our patios and yards until the first snowflake hits the ground, and for all those tailgating fans, your season is just beginning. The good news is, you can still order outdoor furniture and get it within a week from SunHaven.

solarium, outdoor furniture
Seabrook with decoration kit


This innovative brand maintains contemporary lines and a classic gray, white and blue color scheme, ensuring that what you want is, in fact, ready to ship. Imagine that! What’s even better is that all sets are cleverly and modularly grouped together, so they can easily be reconfigured on a whim … or quickly reworked into a new home or patio patio. apartment. Clever additions like armchairs, chairs, ottomans, and coffee tables help complete the mix, and no assembly is required.

solarium, outdoor furniture, chairs
Kensington chair


Another huge advantage for this brand is its affordability. With many high-end outdoor furniture, you pay for the frame (i.e. chair) separately and then add upholstery (cushions). With SunHaven, the price includes cushions. The Kensington five-piece set with two armchairs, a “loveseat” and a coffee table, for example, costs only $ 1,999. SunHaven’s most expensive 12-room set, Cascade, meanwhile, comfortably seats 10 and still costs less than $ 5,000.

solarium, outdoor furniture
Olivia Collection


The brand also recently introduced “decorating kits” which include an outdoor rug, pillows and throws to match your furniture. These can be purchased as a set or individually depending on what you want to complete your space. Essentially, SunHaven gives you an instant outdoor chat area that’s delivered and ready to go within a week.

solarium, outdoor furniture

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