Stylish outdoor furniture built to last, season after season

Eric Petschek

A private outdoor retreat is a delight for all the senses, whether you have a small plot or a sprawling landscape. But really making the space inspired largely depends on the pieces you choose. It can be the difference between an alfresco room that feels like an effortless extension of your interior or a depot for forgotten furniture.

The trick is to opt for furniture that combines style and substance and, above all, is designed to go the distance. A must-have brand is Sutherland Furniture, which combines luxury, expert know-how and MO for the first time on the planet Example: the company reuses by-products such as sawdust produced during the cutting of teak to ignite boilers in the drying process in the oven. And it works with producers who use 50% recycled content to make aluminum parts.

To create your own outdoor oasis, here are some pieces from brands like Sutherland that take a more design-conscious approach. They’re all designed with performance in mind, so you can enjoy them for many seasons to come.

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Sutherland Furniture

Wrapped up in Perennial Fabrics by Vincent Van Duysen, this low sofa combines a sophisticated silhouette with a deep seat that sinks into me. Clean wood and wicker lines topped with oversized cushions make this a flexible sofa that doesn’t take up space for style or comfort, and the modular configuration means it’s versatile enough to fit into any space. space.


Hung on the side of your home or flanking paired patio doors, a stone sconce sets the tone and just the right light. The chiseled rock feel encourages quiet vibes, but it’s actually made from ceramic designed to withstand the harshest elements. Environmentally responsible manufacturing and distribution practices make this a pleasant purchase.


Distinctive Dining Chair

Sutherland Furniture

Designed by Rose Tarlow for Sutherland, this dining chair features mid-century-inspired tapered legs and a revolving teak frame, giving it pride of place at the table. Tufted fabric keeps the seat from feeling anything but stiff, while its lounge-like design invites guests to linger. Depending on your preference, there are a side chair versionwhich offers everything except the armrests.

shadow power

Seeking shade and harnessing the sun’s energy need not be incompatible with a solar-powered pergola. Shading and energy-generating, this nifty blanket allows for outdoor dining in most seasons. It’s the kind of investment that pays off on your energy bill and your taxes (thanks to solar energy credits and all).

Sutherland Furniture

With its woven back and plush perch, this chair brings a cozy island vibe anywhere. It may look airy, but it’s tough enough to withstand the elements while still looking stylish. Choose between the lounge version or the iteration to eat if you want to deepen the sensation during a meal.


Perennials flatwoven rugs are handcrafted with solution-dyed acrylic yarn, which means the color permeates the fabric, so they resist fading, as well as tearing, rotting, mold and even small insects. In other words, these are mats that last. They are also made with responsible practices; the water used in the fiber manufacturing process is purified and returned to its natural source.

Stove alone

Enjoy the warmth, smell and crackle of a campfire without the smoke. This fire pit uses a special air circulation system, through holes in the structure, which draws in air from below and feeds heated oxygen to the top, producing more efficient flames and minimal ash. And it uses newspapers for an authentic experience. Lifetime warranty means you won’t need to replace it.

Lula Mena

If there’s no hammock, can you even call it a real porch? This particular cocooning compartment gives all the sensations, both in terms of comfort and awareness. To create this hammock, the company connects with artisans from vulnerable communities in El Salvador, creating employment opportunities for weavers who fashion their wares with environmentally friendly materials under fair trade rules.

Smart and green

A bright side table is a bright idea for outdoor accent furniture for both ambiance and decoration. Equipped with Bluetooth and energy-efficient LEDs, this anything but square accessory will spark conversation once it glows in seven different colors. Controllable via smartphone, the side table lets you set the mood for every party wherever you are.

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