Staffords Wins 2022 3X9 Series Bass Tournament Opener | outdoor sports

As Tuesday’s cool, dry winds began to set in into the evening, 63 teams floated in their bass boats near the Stillhouse Park boat launch, each listening to their number call, signaling that she was free to go in search of the heaviest bass limit of three fish they could muster within the three-hour time frame of the event.

Thus began the long 2022 season of the 3X9 series, so named because participants in this bass tournament try to catch three winning fish before the 9 p.m. deadline, hence “three by nine” or 3X9.

As winter begins to give way to spring, bass can be found in many different places, from shallow to deep and everywhere in between. Some are preparing to spawn, while others won’t for several weeks.

Add to that the wild swings in weather we experienced, and anyone could guess where the winning bag of fish would come from in this mid-March event.

As tough as it was, the team of Trent and Shane Stafford prevailed this week, taking a limit of three fish that weighed in at 22.39 pounds. The men received a check for $1,100 for their efforts.

Shane Stafford had this to say about his catch: “The fishing has been really good lately and we knew it would take a big bag to win. We were lucky to have all three good bites. All of our fish came in and around the grass. The grass is what makes this lake so special and the fish so impressive.

Stillhouse Hollow Lake, one of the few reservoirs in the Texas Hill Country with abundant hydrilla, supports more than its fair share of quality largemouth bass, thanks to the cover and suitable habitat that this form of aquatic vegetation has. provides.

Rare is more the day when a quality bigmouth catch is made other than from hydrilla, as the bass constantly relate to it.

Second place goes to David Kipp and Justin Rogers. The pair landed 20.51 pounds low and gained $410.

Third place goes to the team of Bobby Babcock and Thomas Wells. Their limit of 18.26 pounds was anchored by the biggest fish in the contest, a largemouth bass weighing 9.46 pounds. The big bass prize combined with the third place purse brought the men $525.

The 3X9 series will continue weekly until September. The event starts around 6 p.m. every Tuesday, interrupted only in case of bad weather. Those interested in fishing this tournament series can contact Dean Thompson at 254-690-3474.

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