Spring Awakening: editors of ‘Vogue’ outdoor activities eagerly await


It has been a long and difficult year of isolation and mostly indoor activity, which makes the coming of spring all the more appealing. More Americans are receiving their COVID-19 vaccines as the weather warms, suggesting this season might look a bit more ‘normal’ than some feared (although, to be clear, the masks and social distancing aren’t going anywhere for a while.) That said, there’s a lot on the horizon to feel aroused, including the return of – gasp! –hang out. Below, find a selection of Vogue editors’ most sought-after outdoor activities, and let them inspire your own city activities this spring.

A concert photo from the pre-pandemic eraphoto: Corey Seymour

“After a year without seeing any live music except for the occasional ad hoc jazz combo at Prospect Park and the incredible chance to attend one of NY PopsUp’s stellar live events – bless them both – can’t wait to hear the sound of an electric guitar pickaxing before the drums and bass crash: somewhere, anywhere bring the gigs back (safely, responsibly I’ve heard good rumors about big outdoor events in Brooklyn and beyond; I keep my fingers crossed to make it work, or I gather an electric generator and a handful of musician friends and I come to a public park near you! ”—Corey Seymour, Senior Features Editor

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