Sports equipment and outdoor furniture at Punto Design Yauza Park

Yauza Park is one of the large-scale urban redevelopment projects of the capital of Russia. It occupies more than 600 He of territories subject to the floods of the Yauza river and its tributary the Chermyanka river.

There are several points of attraction along the route which combine with each other. They will be linked to 4 types of routes: cross-country, fun, educational and ecological. Particular attention is paid to the “Islands of Silence” – places where you can retreat and observe nature. These points have been placed away from transit areas, sports and cycle paths.

Some of the inhabitants of the floodplain are protected species. For this reason, the authors of the project were faced with the important task of preserving these places. The natural shoreline, prairie grasses and wetlands remain intact to preserve the unique eco-space of the city center.

Stitch design in Yauza park

The most recent area open to visitors is the 590 square meter sports area. Park users can find a soccer field, tennis courts, a skate park, a streetball field, and sports facilities for practice training. Stitch design – Punto Ninja, Punto Parkour and Punto Fit sports complexes. Benches and garbage cans Stitch design collections are installed in the park. All products are made from thermal wood and powder coated galvanized steel.

  • Punto Ninja it is a 24 meter long obstacle course with 6 route options of different levels of difficulty. All the obstacles are mainly aimed at developing coordination, dexterity and strength.
  • Punto Parkour is a parkour playground designed for teaching and training parkour in public places. The elements are made of non-slip HPL plastic.
  • fitted cut is a versatile sports facility in 4 configurations. Each modification of the Punto Fit is equipped with specialized sports equipment: horizontal bars, cross bars, dumbbells, parallel bars, basketball hoop, etc.
Site Moscow, Russia
Architects Kirill Tesler and Valery Telichenko
Year 2021
Products used
  • Punto Ninja
  • Punto Parkour
  • fitted cut
  • Benches
  • Garbage bin

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