Save up to 65% on Wayfair’s Way Day Sale

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The final day of Wayfair’s Way Day event includes deals on sofas and loveseats, umbrellas, lounge seating and more. Outdoor furniture is on super sale for Wayfair’s Way Day sale, which lasts until April 29. Lounge seats, bedroom furniture and rugs are also on sale.

This weekend is the first weekend of May. Naturally, outdoor suspensions (preferably with headroom on hand) are at the top of many priority lists.

But even the 10 local bars and restaurants with pretty patios or rooftops can’t really catch up on all the warm weather happy hours you missed last year. A fresh and functional outdoor space is always a wise investment.

Wayfair’s Way Day Sale – which Wayfair proclaims to be its biggest sale of the year – has a huge selection to browse. Take advantage of the last day of the sale with savings of up to 65% on outdoor furniture like loveseats and conversation sets, fire pits, lounge chairs and umbrellas.

You only have one corner that will really fit everything? Perfect – an L-shaped section will weave through like a Tetris piece. The classic rattan design gives any outdoor space a warm atmosphere and can accommodate three or four people.

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A lighted patio umbrella can take your garden from a hodgepodge of furniture to a cohesive cafe. (Think Instagram stories to create.) This solar-powered umbrella from Arlmont & Co. charges during the day and lights up your cocktails at night with bright LEDs.

Save $87 at Wayfair

Credit: arlmont & co.

Check out your new $99 centerpiece. This versatile matte steel fire pit comes with a mesh lid and poker to keep embers under control, but burning wood isn’t its only trick. The inner pit can also be used as a grill, or you can fill it with ice and turn it into a White Claw bucket.

Save $29 at Wayfair

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Save up to 65% on Wayfair

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