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After June and July turned upside down, the second week of August finally provided more normal weather and reservoir conditions for the summer in Texas.

As this week’s competitors took to Stillhouse Hollow Lake on Tuesday night they experienced surface temperatures of around 85 ° F, a new moon, a lake elevation of around 0.53 feet above normal and no flow through the dam.

In total, 51 teams competed for the $ 2,040 in prizes up for grabs for the top performers.

Summer fishing is generally difficult, with lower limit weights and fish that feed in short periods. Fish are often taken from deep water, which requires extra care to keep them alive and avoid penalties imposed for dead fish.

Justin Rogers and David Kipp’s team peaked this week, putting in place a three-fish limit weighing 13.03 pounds, anchored by the second-heaviest fish in the competition, a largemouth bass weighing 7.29. books. The men won $ 1,060 for their efforts.

Kipp said: “The night started slowly; we caught a few small fish throwing Carolina platforms off and then moved around 9:15 am for the last 15 minutes and grabbed the big fish and our second biggest.

“We only sailed four fish all night.”

Second place went to Travis Bass and Dustin Riddle. The men landed 12.77 pounds of bass and won $ 310.

William Moore and Ben Sargeant’s team finished third at 11.81 pounds.

The biggest bass in the contest was taken by CJ Glenn. This fish weighed 8.25 pounds and made Glenn $ 255.

Brothers Daniel and Adrian Barnes, who finished in first place over the past two weeks, placed fifth this week with a three fish limit of just over 11 pounds.

A total of 63 fish were weighed and all were released to fight another day. The cumulative weight of these fish was 185.88 pounds, giving an average weight per fish of 2.95 pounds.

Anglers interested in participating in this weekly tournament open to the public can contact Dean Thompson at 254-690-3474.

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