River City Adventure Company will provide necessities for outdoor activities

PORTSMOUTH, Ohio (WSAZ) – There is a resurgence of interest in outdoor activities in Portsmouth, Ohio. Heith Gray is opening a business that will soon be part of the outdoor renaissance. He’s always loved the outdoors, but he says the city has always lacked one thing.

“Make things work, get the things I needed, I couldn’t do it. I had to go a long way to do it, ”Gray said.

That’s why he opened the River City Adventure Company in the heart of Portsmouth’s Boneyfiddle district.

“We’re going to have bikes, repairs and rentals, sales and rentals of kayaks, racing gear, shoes and clothing,” Gray said.

His store will offer everything an outdoor enthusiast could need to take advantage of the city’s new attractions. A pumping track has just been completed and a skate park is under construction – both sparking interest in outdoor sporting activities.

“It’s not just to come here and sell stuff. We want to open people’s eyes to all the opportunities here and what they can do, ”said Gray.

Robert Black is as excited as anyone. He is actively involved in organizing community activities in Boneyfiddle District and has observed the development of the town over the years. He says his new neighbors will be a huge addition to the outdoor sports community.

“This is the link. It’s the connection to our new industry in Portsmouth which is recreation, nature, exercise and fitness, ”said Black.

Gray is still a few months away from the opening of his store, but he already has a few items to sell. He wants to build his inventory during the winter months and plan for a big opening in the spring.

“We want to give them the opportunities and the materials they need to be outdoors, to be healthy and to venture out,” said Gray.

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