Residents turn to outdoor activities during snowstorm

BRIGHTON, Mich. (WXYZ) — To folks back home, it may sound like a snowpocalypse, but at Mount Brighton, adults and kids alike are calling it the perfect storm.

“I think it’s a great opportunity to get out. So the road wasn’t bad this morning, I’m sure it will get worse as the day goes on,” said Jim Jackson.

A father of 3, Jackson is from the south of Lyon and he looks forward to such weather systems so he can ski with his boys, especially Nolan who says the best part for him is the train up the hill.

Since Nolan’s school was canceled due to the weather, Jim says he is enjoying and using this time to connect more with his children.

“Especially days like this where we can get him out, have a whole day. They usually come around three days a week in the evening, but it’s been great with all the snow falling,” Jackson said.

And there were other people like Jackson having a great family time, including David Malolepszy who drove all the way from Toledo, Ohio.

“We were waiting for the snow storm, school got canceled so we took the kids here for some fun today,” Malolepszy said.

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Mt. Brighton general manager Mike Giorgio says snow storms like these only increase the number of customers.

“We’ve been preparing for about two days now, getting our plans for snow removal, snow removal and making sure everything is in place,” Giorgio said.

Giorgio also says the storms are perfect for newcomers who want to try skiing, as the fresh snow adds to the overall experience.

Meanwhile in Farmington, Vince Ieezaj, 54, made the most of the snow with his dog Joey and 13-year-old daughter Julia, whose school was one of many canceled in eastern Michigan.

“I like to chill with my friends and come sledding, and I like the cold,” Julia said.

Julia’s best friend, Nora Gerzema, had also planned to spend the whole afternoon sledding, then having hot chocolate and playing with her siblings.

But it was big-hearted little man Clarence Mayhew who had the right game plan.

“Well, have fun, stay warm and play as much as you can before you get stuck inside,” Clarence said.

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