Outdoor sports that have seen explosive growth during the rise of COVID-19

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All over the world, things have changed dramatically for everyone. Not so long ago, in March 2020, we all tended to do as usual, to live, to work, to socialize as we always have. But the COVID-19 pandemic arrived and it all came to a screeching halt.

Just about every business in the country here in the United States has been forced to shut down. And it caused a huge economic crisis for everyone involved, the burden of which we still feel the burden today in 2021.

But a few industries, despite the shutdown, despite the mandates and regulations, began to flourish. And these industries included many outdoor sports.

With everyone stuck inside, people were getting anxious to get out. And a few sporting events have offered this sanctuary.

Here, we’ll explore a few sports and activities that have exploded into growth since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.


With basketball, baseball, and even sports like soccer all being subjected to stadiums without fans, and losing players to COVID infections, people not only went hungry for their favorite sports, but they were also tired of being stuck inside with nothing to look at. TV apart from the terrible news.

But as parks and recreation facilities across the country began to close, many people flocked to hidden water points in their areas and fishing gear began to fly off the shelves.

Thanks to sites like Custom-made material, many fishing enthusiasts or keen to get out of their homes and try fishing for the first time were able to purchase equipment online and get in the water.

And the results showed a huge increase in sales of fishing tackle across the country. In fact, sales of fishing licenses in states across the country have nearly doubled since the start of the pandemic. And this is proof that fishing was one of the best ways to overcome the pandemic.

Ride a bike

If you’ve tried buying a bike during the pandemic, you’ve probably found yourself with very few options. Even the largest stores with huge stocks of basic bikes, such as Walmart, found themselves with bare bike racks just months after the start of the pandemic.

Indeed, just like fishing, biking gave people a way out of the house and to enjoy the time they had to spend during the shutdown and subsequent quarantines.

Cycling offered people a way not only to get outside but also a way to stay fit and stay in shape. And with COVID-19 causing an increase in health concerns, getting in shape has become a priority for many people across the country.

Today, cycling has consistently achieved record sales for 2020 and 2021, and it was all due to the indirect result of a global pandemic.

Home workout products

While most gyms have closed across the country for a while, many regular gym members have found themselves without a way to exercise or stay in shape.

As a result, we have seen an explosion in sales of home workout products. And those sales included everything from home gym equipment, free weights, yoga mats, resistance bands, home workout videos, signing up for an online exercise program, and more.

Taking your health and fitness seriously was boosted at the start of the pandemic, and that trend continued through 2021 as well. And for good reason.

Studies have shown the link between regular exercise, reduced stress and a healthy immune system. Essentially, with a reduced stress level, you are less likely to get sick. And the explosion in sales of home workout products is proof of that.

All over the world, people have had to undergo significant changes over the past two years. And while we are all hopefully entering a post-pandemic phase at the end of 2021, the lessons we all learned during the pandemic we should be careful to take with us in the future.

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