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I’ve always had a thing for old-fashioned children’s books. Give me a mystery from the Brown Encyclopedia anytime. A Bobbsey Twins, a Hardy Boys, a Nancy Drew.

OK, I admit it, it’s not just children’s books. I also like typewriters. Real photographs you can hold — bonus points for faded Polaroids. Braces. Handwriting (as long as it’s not mine, which is practically unreadable).

All that to say, it shouldn’t surprise you that I’m thrilled to announce that the library is now lending trendy picnic games!

We’re talking croquet sets (for those of you who’ve always wanted to pretend you’re Alice in Wonderland), giant Jenga (for those who want to pretend you’re tiny), light-up darts ( for those who like things that glow in the dark), and bocce ball (for those like me who suck at bowling and need an easier alternative).

For families, we have two large kits you can borrow. Each contains a mini golf set and a giant board game towel (which is more or less exactly what it looks like). One of the kits has a Bashminton set and an Aerobie Frisbee, the other has a Beamo Floating Frisbee and a Kendama wooden toy (you’ll know what I’m talking about when you see it).

I have personally tested several of these sets and can confirm that they are sure to provide hours of bonafide outdoor fun!

Given what we know about spending time outdoors is safer than indoors, we hope these outdoor games will make it easier for you to socialize outdoors with your friends and your family.

In the meantime, here at the library, we continue our gradual reopening. In addition to reinstating our extended hours of operation, there is also now seating available upstairs and downstairs. And in the coming weeks, we’ll be opening more computer stations, increasing the time you can spend in the library, and making our study rooms and tech rooms available several times a day.

Although masks are no longer mandatory, they are still recommended. As Dr. Bonnie Henry said at a recent press conference: “It’s important for us to continue to wear masks in those indoor environments where we’re around people we don’t know and when we’re not not fully protected by vaccines.

With each passing day, we get closer to a return to normal. If all goes well, everything will soon be back to how it was before COVID. Or as I like to call them: the good old days.

Avi Silberstein is a children’s librarian at the Nelson Public Library. look at this runs every two weeks. If you would like to learn more about library programs and services, sign up for our monthly newsletter on our website or by calling us.

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