Outdoor furniture stolen, dorm fire alarm goes off

Marguerite Oopsie

A fire alarm was reported at Bromley Hall on Sunday, the Ohio University Police Department reported.

Due to the alarm, marijuana was found and seized for destruction, according to the OUPD.

Shopping spree

The Athens County Sheriff’s Office received a phone call in response to stolen funds from a debit card.

The deputies made a report after speaking with the appellant.

mute door

A report of criminal mischief took place at Dougan Hall, according to the OUPD.

Officers determined that damage had been done to the restroom stalls.

Project X

Deputies from the Athens County Sheriff’s Office responded to a residence in Carthage Township regarding an unauthorized party.

Deputies have determined that the party was hosted by the owner’s daughter who is under 18.

A “no trespassing” warning for adults present is in effect.

Stop calling me

OUPD took a report regarding telecommunications harassment.

The individual said he received unsolicited emails.

How did the cow cross the road?

There has been a report of loose cattle around State Route 550, according to the Athens County Sheriff’s Office.

The cattle owners came to collect them, no further action was taken.

Lock more than your doors

Several outdoor furniture items were stolen in Athens Township, Athens County Sheriff’s Office deputies reported.

This theft happened within the last two weeks.

I partied too much

Athens County Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to The Plains after receiving multiple 911 hang-up calls from the same number.

Based on the background noise of the calls, deputies determined that someone was most likely calling from the Athens high school prom.

No assistance was needed at this location.

Say at the heart of the tale

The Athens County Sheriff’s Office responded to Albany in response to a caller who thought there might be someone hiding in their attic.

Upon arrival, the deputies did not locate anyone when they checked the appellant’s basement and attic.


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