Outdoor Furniture Market Trends 2021

Pune, India, June 15, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —

The global outdoor furniture market size is expected to increase at a significant growth rate over the forecast period owing to the growing need of residential and commercial consumers to improve outdoor spaces.

One of the factors driving the demand for outdoor furniture is the rising disposable incomes of the population residing in developing economies. This allowed them to splurge on additional furniture to add to the aesthetic appeal of their homes. There are different types of furniture specially designed for outdoor spaces like garden and patio furniture and countries like Germany, Spain and Italy are among the major end users of these products.

Some of the key trends that will drive the development of this market are explained below:

Outdoor tables are increasingly in demand in Europe:

European outdoor furniture market size will be worth over $6.47 billion by 2027. Chairs, tables, dining sets, seating sets, lounge chairs and day beds are some of the most used outdoor furniture in Europe. However, the tables will find a significant increase in demand among customers in the region. the region’s strong tourism sector is driving the need for stylish furniture in the hospitality industry. Different materials like wood, glass and metal are used to provide professional customers with multiple choices.

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Europe is seeing increased use of wooden outdoor furniture:

Wooden furniture will experience increased demand among consumers in Europe. This segment held nearly 51% of the total regional outdoor furniture market share in 2020. This part of the industry is expected to grow even more as wood is one of the most preferred materials for making furniture. It offers many advantages to the final products, such as high durability, greater comfort and greater resistance to any type of damage. Wooden furniture can be given different designs to increase its appeal in any home.

Green materials will be used for European outdoor furniture:

The growing awareness of the importance of preserving the environment when manufacturing furniture has led many companies to use more and more environmentally friendly materials such as recycled wood to manufacture different types of furniture. outside. There are several designs that can be made from green furniture. Customers can also choose from a wide range of wood finishes and colors, making recycled furniture one of the most popular among locals.

AR technologies will increase outdoor furniture trends in North America:

North America outdoor furniture market will reach a valuation of nearly $6.73 billion by 2027. There is an increased use of advanced technologies to manufacture comfortable and even personalized furniture for consumers in the region. Cutting-edge technologies such as augmented reality (AR) have helped designers and manufacturers immensely in finding innovative and creative ways to produce furniture.

Leading companies like IKEA and Herman Miller are effectively using AR technologies to show customers what their chosen design will look like in their homes. These aspects significantly improve the overall shopping experience for customers.

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Outdoor products made from metal raw materials in America:

The residential and commercial sectors in North America are increasingly using metal furniture because it offers the advantage of customization unlike many other materials. Metals like aluminum, stainless steel and iron are in constant demand among customers as they are quite rust resistant and can add to the beauty of garden spaces. Some metal furniture is quite light, unlike wooden ones, which makes them easier to transport from place to place.

Rising disposable income in Asia-Pacific boosts furniture sales:

APAC Outdoor Furniture Market Assessment is expected to reach $4.51 billion by 2027. People in the Asia-Pacific region are witnessing a substantial increase in their disposable income, leading them to increase their spending capacity and splurge on household items. luxury. They spend their money buying expensive furniture to enhance the interior and exterior of their home. Countries like India, Indonesia, and Japan are witnessing an increase in the number of new owners, which is leading to an increase in demand for new and creative outdoor furniture in the region.

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The residential sector is a major user of outdoor furniture in Asia-Pacific:

Among the various sectors that use outdoor furniture for different purposes, the residential sector will adopt more outdoor furniture as several countries in Asia-Pacific are experiencing rapid urbanization. Homeowners’ demand for spaces such as backyards, balconies and the like will increase the need for aesthetically pleasing furniture. Since these countries are experiencing rapid development, the tourism aspect has also been impacted positively, further increasing the demand for outdoor furniture in Asia Pacific.

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