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Smoking a health problem?

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Smoke from the wildfires surrounding the Thompson-Okanagan area, fueled by the 242 wildfires burning in the province, has created health problems.

“In the smoke from forest fires, the main component of health concern is what we call ‘fine particles,’ said Tarek Ayache, air quality meteorologist for the Ministry of the Environment and the Environment. British Columbia’s Climate Change Strategy.

“They are very fine particles… And the reason for health problems is that because of their very small size, they can penetrate deep into your lungs and even into the bloodstream.”

Ayache adds that these fine particles can have health effects, especially in people with heart and lung problems, as well as in children and the elderly.

Fine particles are called PM2.5.

Prolonged exposure to smoke from forest fires will lead to more lasting health effects, Ayache says.

In order to avoid the effects of smoke, Ayache recommends avoiding outdoor activities, especially strenuous activities outdoors until the smoke is gone.

“Masks help reduce exposure to smoke, but they are not intended to provide complete protection,” Ayache said.
“It depends on the type of mask, it depends on how people wear the mask whether it’s airtight or not, so it really depends.”

Individuals may experience symptoms such as increased coughing, throat irritation, headache, or shortness of breath.

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