Open Sky Outdoor Furniture opens its first store in Dubai

Open Sky’s new collection features one-of-a-kind pieces that align with the brand’s ethos of offering distinctively luxurious pieces of the highest quality, at an accessible price. The main differentiator of the brand is its attention to detail. The pieces on offer are carefully constructed with highly durable materials and feature design accents to suit the tastes of a wide range of customers.

The ‘Martinique Sofa Set’ features earthy neutral tones to complement minimalist design tastes, while the ‘Nassau Carver’ Armchair is designed with signature bright colors to add a pop of pop to outdoor spaces. The brand also offers a range of darker and more urban designs such as the “Ipanema Chaise Lounge Set” or the “Palau” sets which are inspired by Art Deco. What stands out most is the diversity of tastes the brand caters to while maintaining high quality and long-term durability, much like its parent brand Homes r Us.

With a few more months of good weather in sight for the UAE, Open Sky offers the perfect way for customers to relax or entertain at home, while enjoying the great outdoors. A visit to the store is sure to inspire city dwellers to customize and maximize their outdoor spaces. The brand’s sophisticated and durable designs can be viewed in person at Zabeel Furniture Mall’s Open Sky Outdoor Furniture store.

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