“Motivate children to do outdoor sports,” suggests Ashok Dhyan Chand

Former Olympian Ashok Dhyan Chand called on parents to motivate their children to play outdoor games and added that every child should be aware of the benefits of playing sports.

Ashok Dhyan Chand pointed out that children now spend most of their time on TV and mobile phones instead of playing outdoor games.

“Today I want to say to all parents that they must motivate their children to stay away from cell phones and television and play outdoor games. Make the child aware of the qualities of sport so that it develops physically and mentally,” Ashok Dhyan Chand said while attending the National Sports Assembly monsoon session held at IMT Ghaziabad on Wednesday.

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“From the beginning, text material related to sports should be given to children, and then the children will definitely participate in the games with great enthusiasm,” added the former Olympian.

Another former hockey great, Zafar Iqbal, said children need to play as much as they read.

“Instead of just focusing on studies, focus on playing with studies,” he said.

Zafar Iqbal said various important proposals were discussed at the Sports Assembly.

“The central government and state governments should take concrete action on the suggestions received in each of the proposals. At the same time, it has also been seen that the talent of sportsmen in the tribal areas does not come out because they lack resources and these idols are not promoted. For this, the government should go to the tribal areas and promote sports culture and develop a system through which talent from the tribal area should come out,” he said.

Addressing the assembly, Sports Research Center, IMT, Dr. Kanishk Pandey said that the assembly will send proposals to the government for the promotion of sports.

“The consensus reached should be sent to the central government and state governments and it should be requested that concrete action be taken by the government on the proposal sent,” he said.

Meanwhile, Assembly Speaker Dr. Vishal Talwar informed that IMT Ghaziabad has been working for the development of sports culture for many years.

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