Modern outdoor furniture ideas – stylish looks for modern gardens and backyards

The latest modern garden furniture ideas are a great way to refresh a tired space and what’s a garden without a place to perch with a newspaper on a Sunday morning or relax with a drink during the long summer evenings. ‘summer ?

Modern gardens are increasingly looking like living rooms, with outdoor sofas, coffee tables and rugs replacing traditional six-seater dining tables and bistro sets. And there are plenty of gorgeous options and patio furniture ideas to make your outdoor space feel like an extension of your home.

Whether you want to create a spacious outdoor dining area for al fresco accommodation or add a cozy space to a small garden, we’ve rounded up the most stylish garden furniture ideas to inspire you. Browse through the ideas, then venture into our guide to the best garden furniture of the year to invest in key pieces for your own garden.

1. Go for an all-in-one design

modern outdoor furniture ideas with built-in garden seats

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Blurring the boundaries between light fixtures and foliage is a strong new trend in the garden and perfect for making the most of small outdoor spaces. The matching mosquito netting with the built-in seats creates a lovely contemporary cohesive look that you can soften with climbers or even add built-in plants to blend the garden and seating even further.

2. Mix up your seats in the garden

modern outdoor furniture ideas with modern garden chairs

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Is it a sculpture or is it sitting? Well, actually, it could definitely be both. If your garden is smaller, opting for a few standout chairs can bring the space to life and provide you with a comfortable perch. Copy this modern outdoor furniture idea and look for shapes and colors that echo the color of the flowers or foliage in your garden.

3. Add pops of color with your outdoor furniture ideas

modern outdoor furniture ideas with resin dining table

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Don’t be afraid to be bold with the colors of your garden furniture, especially if your garden is quite architectural and minimal. This deep yellow and mint green work perfectly in this small, simple yard. The mint reflects the colors of the plantation, while the yellow brings a sunny Mediterranean feel that works perfectly with the olive tree.

4. Create a cozy space with a sunken bench

modern outdoor furniture ideas garden seating with built-in bench seat

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Relax in style with the smart, space-saving built-in bench seat. Again, a great idea for a small garden like a bench seat can be built into a retaining wall, which will hug the boundaries of your garden.

You can add your seating to just one corner, but if you mainly use your garden for relaxing and entertaining, why not wrap it all around? You can always add plants above for some texture and greenery. Give the space a true outdoor lounge vibe with a rug and a coffee table or fire pit for cozy evenings.

5. Or build a couch in a layered garden

Small garden with built-in bench and decor of pink flamingos

(Image credit: James Merrell)

Or if you’re short on space and still want room to plant, build a bench and turn it into a retaining wall with plants or even a lawn behind it. Cover with cushions for comfort and to add color and pull out a dining table so it can serve as extra seating for guests.

6. Running out of space? Integrate a floating bench

Small garden with large ferns and built-in bench

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And for a more minimalist look, opt for a floating bench. Something as sleek and slim as this won’t add any visual bulk to your garden, so ideal if you want greenery to be the focus.

7. Take out the indoor furniture

Small interior garden with sofa and large mirror

(Image credit: Paul Massey)

Take the outdoor living room idea even further and breathe new life into your old sofa by taking it out into the garden. This button back leather sofa looks very quick in this small backyard garden and makes a nice casual seating area, you can also make it cozy with throw pillows and cushions.

Obviously, you’ll need to protect a sofa from the elements, so if you’re recreating this modern outdoor furniture idea, be sure to seal the furniture and invest in a good quality slipcover that you can throw in at night.

Another great tip to take from this beautiful garden; mirrors enlarge a small garden, as they would indoors.

8. Mix up your indoor and outdoor dining areas

Dining room opening onto a tiered garden

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If an outdoor dining area is high on your wish list but you don’t want your patio or deck to feel cramped when you add a large table, get inspired by this outdoor dining furniture idea. exterior and blend your interior space without. By choosing the same or similar flooring for your indoor space and your patio or terrace, you create a seamless flow between the two and create the feeling of more space around your outdoor dining table.

9. Create a living room vibe with a coffee table

modern outdoor furniture ideas with large outdoor coffee table

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Create an outdoor living room and add a coffee table to your setup. Add a corner sofa to wrap around and throw in an area rug to complete the look. Also be sure to add plenty of throw pillows to really enhance the ambiance of the outdoor living area, you can even add floor cushions for a laid back vibe and additional seating.

10. Add a swing to save space

Modern outdoor furniture ideas with hanging garden swing

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Now, we’re not talking a chunky 60s number, outdoor swing chairs have lost that skin and you can find plenty of stylish rattan (or faux rattan) pieces. So wrap yourself up in comfort and escape the world in a hanging chair. Plus, they’re perfect for smaller gardens or if you’re also looking for patio ideas, as they take up no floor space and add no visual clutter.

11. Add concrete pieces for a contemporary touch

modern outdoor furniture ideas with concrete table and concrete outdoor chairs

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Concrete garden furniture can give an instant contemporary feel and looks great in contrast to all the natural colors and textures of a garden. Let the materials and form do the talking, opting for a simple, sculptural dining set and you can always soften it with cushions in a lovely flamed linen or look for patio ideas that use a warm wood to contrast the concrete. .

12. Create a focal point with a modern fire feature

Modern Outdoor Furniture Ideas With Modern Fire Pit

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Take a fire pit to the next level and add a table with a built-in fire to your garden. A cozy source of warmth when night falls, a place to set down drinks and an instant garden centerpiece.

You can also choose from many different styles, depending on the look you’re going for and the size of your space. Choose a large rectangular design to sit in the center of a comfy corner sofa, or opt for something smaller and slimmer with just a few lounge chairs surrounding it.

13. Relax on a stylish lounge chair

modern outdoor furniture ideas slatted wood lounge chair

(Image credit: Habitat)

As a classic, we could not fail to include a chaise longue. And they come in a much sleeker form than a yellow plastic number. For a more sophisticated look, opt for a simple wood stain that you can add color and comfort with pillows. Sit in a shady spot surrounded by lush potted plants or, if you’re more of a sun worshiper, make the chair a feature on your patio or deck.

If you’re tempted, check out our roundup of the best sun loungers.

14. Keep it Relaxed with Curved Outdoor Furniture

modern outdoor furniture ideas with outdoor sofas

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In very modern gardens designed with lots of clean lines and minimalist plants, choose soft, curved furniture to create the perfect contrast. Outdoor furniture doesn’t always have to be formal with straight lines and harsh materials, thanks to smart advancements in weather resistant fabrics you can now find fully upholstered patio furniture that has a soft and comfortable but can still cope with all the elements.

What type of outdoor furniture is the most durable?

Concrete, polypropylene, and resin parts all hold up well to being left outdoors, while synthetic rattan and softwood parts are best stored in a dry place or covered in place when not in use. are not used. Wooden furniture will naturally “silver” or age with age, which is part of its charm, but you can slow this process down with wood preservatives.

How to maintain garden furniture?

A simple wipe down with warm soapy water and a lint-free cloth is enough to remove dirt from most types of furniture, but there are a few other tricks to try. Metal and teak garden furniture can be cleaned with a pressure washer at low temperatures, while a non-sudsing solution is essential for weather-resistant rattan to prevent dirt build-up .

What is the best treatment for wooden furniture?

Unless you want a beautifully weathered surface, all exterior wood will benefit from an even coat of wood preservative. Natural oils such as teak, danish or tung oil will repel rain or moisture while a garden furniture wood stain will color the wood and also protect it.

Can you keep the rattan furniture outside?

Natural rattan is definitely not suitable for wet weather, so always move furniture indoors on rainy days. Faux rattan or synthetic rattan made from high density polypropylene (HDPE) is a much more durable option and with a regular brush or garden hose it can be free of mud and dirt.

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