MFA disappointed outdoor sports not included in COVID vaccine exemption

The Malta Football Association has expressed its disappointment and disagreement with the health authorities’ decision not to include outdoor sports in the COVID vaccine exemptions announced yesterday.

Various establishments will not require customers to present COVID-19 vaccination certificates next month as the rules will be lifted. However, the lifting of restrictions does not apply to mass events, including sporting events. Fans attending football matches will still need to present a valid COVID vaccine certificate.

“The announcement by Health Minister Chris Fearne on Tuesday that vaccination certificates will no longer be required to enter several eating and entertainment venues represented a bittersweet moment for Maltese sport, as outdoor sporting events air were surprisingly excluded from this list,” the MFA said in a statement.

He said the decision raises questions about the criteria used by health authorities to remove the vaccination requirement for events held in various indoor venues while applying this measure for outdoor sporting activities.

“This is another slap in the face for sports associations, athletes, coaches, match officials, volunteers, fans and all those involved in local sport, as our tireless efforts to deal with hardships and financial repercussions caused by COVID-19 are constantly hampered by inconsistent measures.

The association argued that the “inconsistencies” have created a perception that the booster dose is only necessary for people attending sporting events.

“While urging the government to reconsider this decision, the Maltese Federation calls for the sport to be treated fairly and equitably,” the MFA said.

The statement has been endorsed by the Malta Football Players Association (MFPA), the Malta Football Coaches Association (MFCA), the Malta Football Referees Association (MFRA) and the Malta Professional Football Clubs Association (MPFCA).

Robert Abela sees local sports as ‘amateur’ – PN

In a statement, PN said after Health Minister Chris Fearne backtracked on COVID-19 measures, he forgot about the sports, culture and entertainment industries.

“Yesterday, Fearne announced that virtually all COVID-19 related measures will be removed, but no measures will be relaxed for the sports, culture and entertainment industries (except theatres),” PN said. .

PN said sportspeople, including fans and followers of local sports, have been disappointed with the government, alluding to Prime Minister Robert Abela viewing local sports as “amateur”.

“Once again, PN calls on the government to act fairly with athletes and not to discriminate against them,” PN concluded.

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