Magistrate orders Damien Gilliams to remove outdoor furniture from unnamed bar

Damien gilliams

Damien Gilliams has 72 hours to comply with code enforcement by removing all outdoor tables, chairs, bar and grill from outside the No Name Bar. The penalty will be $ 100 per day against the establishment if they do not comply.

Gilliams attended the magistrate’s special hearing last week at City Hall, which lasted four hours. Gilliams insisted that the No Name Bar got approval in 2013 and 2017 to provide the outdoor seating and bar.

However, the City of Sebastian said Gilliams does not have a city-approved site plan for the outdoor furniture, bar and grill. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the city relaxed the rules and allowed outdoor seating in restaurants.

In July, the city sent a letter advising businesses to comply with the code and remove all outdoor seating. All businesses complied with the exception of Mo Bay Grill and No Name Bar. However, Mo Bay Grill agreed to comply on the day of the hearing, and the city is working with them.

Gilliams has made further claims that the move was political and that the city had deliberately targeted him for code violations, although several other establishments received the same violations.

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