Industrial fire hoses and bricks are recycled into a minimal outdoor furniture set


#chairs #furniture #Local Works Studio #sustainability #tables #upcycling

August 25, 2022

Grace Ebert

All images © Local Works Studio, shared with permission

Loretta Bosence and Ben Bosence are behind the East Sussex-based company Local works workshop, who recently completed a furniture collection focused on revitalizing what has been thrown away or set aside. Made for Maggie’s Southampton cancer center, functional goods are made almost entirely from locally sourced recycled goods. “People who sit on the chairs and touch the surfaces can ‘read’ the history of the furniture and understand where the materials come from. This connection to place and the playfulness of furniture is a powerful antidote to the usual impersonal and sterile environment of a hospital,” the studio told dezeen.

For the long dining table, the designers crushed gravel from the site, which was also combined with damaged and remaining terracotta bricks from the center facade to create a terrazzo-style surface for the benches and smaller tables. . Crushed granulated blast-furnace slag, a by-product of steel, serves as the primary binder, with only some carbon-dependent concrete added. The studio also shaped the leftover materials into cobblestones for the seats.

Pipes taken out of service by the local Hampshire Fire Service headquarters – the entity is required to replace its equipment every ten years, meaning water-resistant red tubing is plentiful – were woven into the backs and seats of dining chairs, lounge chairs and one-armed models. The textile-like components were then wrapped around steel frames made by the charity Make it outwhich supports formerly incarcerated persons.

For more sustainable and community-focused designs from Local Works Studio, visit his location and instagram.

#chairs #furniture #Local Works Studio #sustainability #tables #upcycling

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