IHSA Amends Mandate For Low-Risk Outdoor Sports Masks


(WEEK) – The Illinois High School Association board says those who participate in low-risk outdoor sports do not have to wear masks when playing.

The announcement was made Monday evening, after its regular meeting.

The IHSA classifies bass fishing, baseball, softball, tennis, and track and field as low-risk outdoor sports.

However, those who are on the bench or who are not actively participating should always mask themselves.

An IHSA statement adds that those responsible for these sports and activities must continue to wear masks unless they are socially distanced. He adds that more guidance will be provided to coaches and officials of these respective sports by the IHSA in the coming days.

The council also set the dates and venues for the national finals.

In a statement, the state baseball finals will take place on June 17 and 18. Class 1A will be held at Illinois State University on June 17, while Class 3A will be held the same day at the Schaumburg Baby Boomer Home. The Class 2A Baseball Finals will be held June 18 at Illinois State University, while Class 4A will be held the same day at the home of the Joliet Slammers.

The Softball State Finals will be held June 16-17 at the Louisville Slugger Complex in Peoria. Class 1A and 2A action is scheduled for June 16, while classes 3A and 4A will be played on June 17.

The Class 1A Girls Track and Field State Finals are scheduled for June 10, the Class 2A Girls ‘Action on June 11, and the Class 3A Girls’ State Finals on June 12.

The Class 1A Boys Track and Field State Finals will be June 17th, the Class 2A action will be June 18th and the Class 3A Finals will be June 19th.

The IHSA board also announced Monday evening that it had approved a recommendation to reduce the summer contact day period from 25 to 20 for summer 2021 only.

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