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The 2021-2022 Tuff-Man Series visited Belton Lake for the fourth of five regular season events scheduled before the Championship in late January 2022.

Eighty-eight teams were launched on the morning of December 12 in search of the heaviest limit of five fish each could catch within the allotted eight-hour time frame.

After what was shaping up to be a normal progression of the weather into a cool fall, the weather in December turned unusually warm, thus stopping and reversing the cooling of our local reservoirs and dispersing the fish everywhere from shallow to deep with little consistency. .

When the weighing was complete, a total of 275 fish had been brought to the scale, not including fish that were slaughtered and those too small to be weighed. These 275 fish weighed a cumulative total of 534.49 pounds, giving an average weight per fish of 1.94 pounds.

The payout for first place at this event was $ 5,000, and the series paid up to ninth place

up, plus two big bass bonuses.

The husband and wife team of Craig and Carla Gilbert from Killeen won a first place check of $ 5,000 and an additional check of $ 500 for landing the biggest bass in the contest. The Gilberts limit weighed 19.66 pounds, including their 5.65-pound fat bass. This gave the Gilberts a comfortable over four pounds lead over the next closest team.

The Gilbert’s have been serious contenders in the Tuff-Man series for many years. The team excels at vertical jigging with a compact shad-mimicking bait known as a slab. Slabs are known to perform best in cool, cold water conditions as the bass congregates and moves at depth.

Asked about the win, Craig Gilbert said: “Our day started off pretty well. We fished a 15- to 35-foot deep dish loaded with baitfish that were being chased by largemouth bass and white bass. Everything got complicated after 10:30 am.

Asked about the presentations they chose, Gilbert replied, “We used slabs, jigs, Texan platforms and drop shots, but mostly slabs. “

Second place went to Nathan Donnell and Jerry Maddox at 15.91 pounds.

The series’ final regular season event will take place on Whitney Lake on January 9.

The championship event will be a two-day fished contest on Belton and Stillhouse Hollow lakes, in that order, on January 22-23.

Teams fishing in at least four of the five events will qualify for the Championship event. Championship winners will receive a minimum of $ 15,000.

For a multitude of reasons, the Central Texas Boat Show, which normally hosted the weigh-in for the two days of the championship, will not take place in 2022.

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