Hudl Expands Smart Camera Solution to Outdoor Sports


OMAHA, Neb., March 2, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Enabling outdoor sports teams of all levels to prepare, compete and broadcast live, Hudl today announced the launch of Hudl Focus Away, a hands-free smart camera that automatically captures and uploads games and workouts to Hudl and sends the video to live streaming platforms.

The cutting-edge technology builds on the impact of Hudl Focus Indoor, which enables teams to capture HD video from the perfect angle using AI-powered player tracking technology. Over 15,000 basketball and volleyball teams have used Focus Indoor cameras to capture 190,000 games and broadcast over 70,000 of those games to fans, all automatically without the need for a cameraman. With the launch of Hudl Focus Outdoor, those who play outdoor sports such as football and soccer will now be able to access the same capabilities in all weather conditions.

CEO of Hudl David Graff commented, “We’re confident player tracking technology will transform the way soccer and soccer teams use video and analytics to collaborate and compete, while saving them time along the way. Meanwhile, parents, fans and recruiters have made it loud and clear over the past year that they want remote live access – and it will continue, even when the pandemic has passed. Hudl Focus meets these needs because what I think is the most flexible smart sports camera on the market, and we’re ‘excited to expand to outdoor sports.’

Hudl Focus Outdoor integrates seamlessly with Hudl, the most popular, powerful and user-friendly video analytics platform in sports. Used by more than 33,000 soccer teams and 18,000 soccer teams in the United States, this integration facilitates every step of the sports preparation process, from setup to film study, with instant access to workouts or movies. match for near real-time review. Users can have full control of their camera from a range of devices with the push of a button using the free Hudl Focus app.

The main benefits for teams using Focus Outdoor include:

  • Simple Live Streaming: Users can stream directly to YouTube for a free and easy live streaming solution that doesn’t charge subscribers to watch or send videos to streaming software. These flexible live streaming capabilities provide monetization opportunities through sponsorships for school districts and organizations.
  • Additional game background with scoreboard overlay: The camera displays the scoreboard in the video image, unlocking an additional layer of situational awareness for coaches, who can better determine the tendencies of opponent’s play calls based on score and time remaining.
  • Immediate review after the match: The upload process takes place in real time, so the film is readily available once the coaches have completed their post-game meetings and in the locker room. This gives coaches and athletes the ability to start preparing for their next opponent immediately without worrying about spotty internet, SD card capacity, or missed moments by videographers.
  • Single installation: Permanently installed hardware designed for all types of weather conditions means sports department staff are freed from match day video setup hassles: saving time, eliminating costs, and reducing training requirements, all while improving the quality of the captured video.

Jonathan Coats, running back coach and Hudl Focus Outdoor beta tester at Lake Travis High School (Austin, Texas) said: “We have more coaches in the field, we get better movies, better information and a better sense of the context behind every play call. You also have the option for parents to see their games. kids. It’s a big deal. “

“Without using a manager to film, we can have them on the bench with us to help with the stats,” commented Matt Monroe, basketball coach and Hudl Focus Indoor client at Saint Ignatius College Prep (Chicago). “The camera is very clear and works amazingly well. She doesn’t miss a beat; she follows the ball back and forth and uploads the film straight to our Hudl account. And for us, it ends up saving us even more time. We have the stats faster, we’re able to break the movie down even faster, and it’s so much more available to us right away than if we were shooting ourselves. The Hudl Focus camera is absolutely amazing. “

To learn more about Hudl Focus Outdoor and hear first-hand from some of the trainers who helped test the platform, log on to our Blitz ’21 demo panel on Wednesday March 3 of 6-7 p.m. ET.

About Hudl
Hudl is a leading performance analytics company revolutionizing the way coaches and athletes prepare for and stay ahead of the competition. Founded in 2006 in Lincoln, Nebraska, Hudl offers a comprehensive suite of products that enable more than 160,000 global sports teams at all levels, from grassroots organizations to professional organizations, to gather insight with video and data. Hudl’s products and services include online tools, mobile and desktop apps, smart cameras, analytics, professional services and more.


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