How to dress for winter outdoor activities


Things may look a bit bleak on the holiday front, but if last year’s lockdown has proven anything, we’re still able to make the most of the winter season with the abundance of outdoor activities. available to us. So, in case you need an outerwear update, or if you’re looking to try out a new sport this season, let us help you in the style department. We enlisted a few stylish and seasoned outdoor adventurers to help us figure out how to dress for four winter outdoor activities, from snowboarding on the slopes to ice skating on the rink.

How to dress for winter outdoor activity # 1: hiking / running

“Find a stylish jacket that provides good heat distribution for winter runs without feeling bulky,” advises style and beauty influencer Sasha Mei (@ sasha.mei), which begins every morning with a outdoor hike or run, whatever the season. . As for leggings, Mei suggests a pair of winter leggings. “In cold weather, your legs take longer to warm up, whether you are running or walking,” she says. “Look for a pair like these Alo Yoga pants with a fleece-like material to keep your legs warm, which I find especially useful on the windiest days. When it comes to hiking, the creator of IG suggests investing in a great pair of boots that are versatile enough for any outdoor activity in any season, then adding wool socks for maximum warmth. . She reminds us not to forget our ears. The outdoor runner says ear warmers serve several purposes. “Not only do they keep you warm, but they also keep your headphones from falling out.

The thermal jacket

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Running leggings

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The benchmark hiking shoes

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The multifunctional headband

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How to dress for winter outdoor activity # 2: ice skating

Although my competitive skating days are behind me, you will still find me regularly spinning to the nearest outdoor rink each winter. While skating outside is very different from skating indoors (read: no regulated heat), I’ve learned to dress for the winter outdoor activity over the years. Basically you want to find pieces that give you both mobility and warmth – and if they make you look good, then those are bonus points. Start with an extra warm base like a Uniqlo Heattech turtleneck to keep your neck and core warm and dry, so that when you start moving you don’t get cold from the evaporated sweat. Slip on a light puffer jacket or quilted sweater for extra warmth. For stockings, leggings are my favorite because not only do they keep your legs warm, but they also ensure that your blades never get stuck in your pant hem when you fall.

The chic down sweater

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The insulating turtleneck

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Trendy leggings

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Tech-friendly gloves

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How to dress for winter outdoor activity # 3: Snowboarding / Skiing

“Wetsuits are my favorite for snowboarding because they’re comfortable, great for layering, and won’t let in snow,” says OG’s Canadian financial analyst and blogger Nelia Belkova (@styleblogca). “I find them the most practical and versatile for the slopes and off the slopes. The seasonal snowboarder, who has been rolling the hills for 10 years, suggests layering a thermal turtleneck or this Perfect Moment jumpsuit in a stylish print underneath to not only keep you warm, but also super cute on her own after- ski. When it comes to accessories, Belkova loves a pair of supportive snowboard boots with Boa technology. “The Boa closure makes it easy to put on and take off – once you use the Boa you’ll never have to tie laces again. She also suggests completing the look with a colorful balaclava under your helmet to keep your head warm.

The versatile snow suit

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The layered jumpsuit

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The cool snowboard boots

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The warm headgear

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How to dress for winter outdoor activity # 4: après-ski

Your post-outdoor activity needs its own style moment, too, and the look you want to achieve is both comfortable and functional. You know, just in case you are asked to hit the slopes or the ice rink after a quick de-icing session by the fire. Pull on a relaxed-fit half-zip sweater (in a soft pastel color, maybe?) And keep your leg muscles warm with chic quilted pants. Complete with comfy accessories, like a comfortable and practical pair of boots durable enough for snowy terrains and a cute and warm fluffy knit hat.

The cozy sweater

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Quilted pants

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Chic snow boots

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The fluffy knit hat

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