Heat advisory impacts outdoor activities

JACKSONVILLE, NC (WITN) – Along with storm news, a heat advisory is in effect here in East Carolina.

With temperatures in the mid-90s and humidity pushing heat indexes into the triple digits, many outdoor plans went off the rails.

“For the days when it’s over 100 [degrees], they can’t go out at all just because it’s very risky for them,” Allie Kirkpatrick of the Brigade Boys & Girls Club said. “If it’s between 90 and 99, the kids have limited time outside with 30 minutes of rest with water breaks.”

Program coordinators explain that the Boys & Girls Club heat advisory is consistent with the National Weather Service heat advisory. They say they bring five-gallon water coolers, ice water, and cold packs for outdoor activities in case staff or children overheat.

Outdoor artists explain that heat indices above 100 degrees, like the current conditions in eastern North Carolina, can also create a grueling outdoor set.

“When we went to take our break, my acoustic partner Nick and I were both completely soaked,” Nick and Dean singer Dean Daughety said.

“You play,” he continued, “but you also do things like setup and breakdown, which adds another layer of physical exhaustion and exertion on top of being in the heat and to play for three hours, sometimes more.”

Kirkpatrick said the Boys & Girls Club has several indoor field trips scheduled throughout the summer schedule to avoid overexposure to the heat.

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