Georgina keeps it ‘fresh’ with a new skate park and outdoor sports area in Pefferlaw

BMX fanatic Ty Rodgers is thrilled to learn that Georgina will be adding a skate and pump park just minutes from her home to the new Pefferlaw Park – an outdoor sports complex located on the grounds of the Lions and Hall. community of Pefferlaw. May 6, 2022
  • Pefferlaw Lions Community Center, Pefferlaw Park.

The Pefferlaw community is getting a $1.4 million boost from the city with a new multi-use, multi-season sports area on the Pefferlaw Ice Pad (PIP), and llocal residents are delighted.

The plan also includes a pump and skateboard park, improving trails and park amenities, and working with the Georgina-Brock Garden Club to create a community garden.

During the non-winter months, the PIP is to be redone and divided into three sports spaces, tennis, basketball and pickleball, with the possibility of allowing registered municipal recreation programs such as ball hockey.

“There are a lot of young families and seniors and everyone in between in Pefferlaw,” said Jim Keenan, president of the Pefferlaw Association of Ratepayers.

“It’s about building the resilience and well-being of the people of Pefferlaw.”

For Pefferlaw resident Ty Rodgers, the skate park piqued his interest.

“I had to travel to skate park,” said the BMX enthusiast who has been doing tricks and spins since the age of eight after visiting hundreds of skate parks across the province.

“It will be another place for friends and memories to be made outside of school.”

There’s a lot to consider when designing a skate and pump park, from flow and lines to jumps and rails – all meant to inspire creativity and challenge riders.

“Most parks are designed for the rider to go one way or the other. (But) it tends to get boring after a while,” Rodgers said. “You need jumps, rails, benches of all bowls, all of which can be (used) front to back, left to right and right to front to keep it cool.”

And it’s not just the skate and pump park that draws attention, residents welcome the year-round use of the PIP and the other amenities provided.

“It’s wasted space for too long,” said Christie Ferguson. “These (amenities) will bring the community together and bring people to Pefferlaw.”

And it could help boost the local economy, she added, by attracting new businesses to the community and foot traffic would help existing businesses.

For many Pefferlaw residents, this is a welcome—and long overdue—upgrade.

“Pefferlaw tends to be ‘overlooked’ when it comes to amenities and how our tax dollars are spent,” said Kristal Jackson, an area resident and mother of three.

Over the past decade, the Jackson family has spent more time driving to Keswick, Sutton or even as far as Uxbridge for recreational activities.

“To see money being spent on areas for kids and teens is very exciting,” Jackson said. “Pefferlaw is a wonderful community and we could absolutely benefit from having these amenities right on our doorstep and saving fuel by driving back and forth to other parts of Georgina to find them.”

While this is good news for families in the area, there are many local homeless nonprofit groups, including PAR.

And the Pefferlaw Lions Community Center is a great place for groups of seniors, new moms or sewing, Keenan said.

Currently, user groups and residents can rent the room or specialized rooms on an hourly basis.

“The room is vacant a good deal of the time,” Keenan said. “Rent is a large amount and these groups don’t have the fundraising capacity to cover the rent.”

PAR is in talks with the city to create a grant fund for local non-profit groups to use the hall.

PAR is also looking to establish local baseball and soccer teams.

“There is a community interest in using the blank fields for Pefferlaw teams,” Keenan said. “We would love to see a Pefferlaw team join the Georginawide Association.

“So we play the same ball game.”

There are several community bucket items – budget permitting – including a wading pool, off-leash dog park, year-round restrooms, water bottle refill station, and an electronic community sign at the new Pefferlaw Fire Station.

Once a contractor is selected, future public consultation will take place for the pump and skate park design.

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STORY BEHIND THE STORY: After the city announced $1.4 million in funding for a sports area and pump and skate park in Pefferlaw, reporter Amanda Persico reached out to local residents to find out why it was an amenity. essential.

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