Geiser: Safety is a top priority this deer season | Outdoor sports

Hunters should never enter private property without the owner’s permission, not only is this trespassing, but safety must be considered. Trespassers will not know who else may be in the field or where other people, buildings or livestock are.

All deer slaughtered during firearm deer season must be delivered to a deer checkpoint. In North Platte, deer will be inspected at the Nebraska Parks and Games office. For other deer control locations, visit and scroll to the deer control stations. Deer must be checked in by 1:00 p.m. the day after the season closes.

There are still a lot of permits in several hunting units while some units are exhausted. To consult the list of available permits, go to, click on “Buy a permit”, then on “Remaining permits”. Permits can be purchased on the website or at Game and Parks licensing offices.

In the field, if you see anything that looks suspicious or if you know of someone who has not obeyed the law, please call the Nebraska Wildlife Crimestoppers toll free 800-742-7627 to report violations of the law. on game.

Take the hunting challenge

The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission challenges you to go hunting and share your passion with someone dear to you. Deer seasons and other hunting seasons provide a great opportunity to take out a new or missing hunter as part of the Take ‘Em Hunting challenge.

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