GBRC looks at outdoor sports field facilities

With spring fast approaching, the Great Bend Recreation Commission continued Monday afternoon to look for ways to improve some of Great Bend’s underused outdoor spaces.

Specifically targeting spaces north of Park Elementary School and Heizer Park on Eighth Street, Executive Director Diann Henderson presented information Monday to the board on the Soccer Mini-Pitch System, a modular metal system providing field space made for many outdoor activities.

The system, which includes LED lighting, fencing, goals, benches and Americans with Disabilities Act compliant access, is a fenced-in field system that can be assembled in a short time and customized to meet the needs of any facility. space and sports. The court system is available in three sizes – 60 by 120 feet, 50 by 102 feet and 40 by 84 feet.

The courts’ customizable size is appealing to the commission and the city, Henderson said, because they can be configured to meet the constraints of different city outdoor spaces. For example, the space and needs at Heizer Park are very different from the space north of Park Elementary School on 19th Street, space that she says has long been underutilized. The commission has long targeted this site as potential for outdoor basketball courts, for example.

Modular court systems were originally designed to take advantage of underutilized land spaces in urban areas, Henderson said, but were also ideal for taking advantage of underutilized open park spaces.

Although the systems are primarily marketed for football, a key part of the potential improvements being explored at Heizer Park, Henderson noted that the field systems can be customized to suit a variety of other sports, including basketball. ball and pickleball.

Board chair Andrea Bauer asked Henderson if the synthetic surfaces included in the company’s marketing materials would be included in the cost of the system, but Henderson said concrete or synthetic surfacing would have to be done. by another supplier, but would be included in the cost. of any possible project.

With the city’s goal of developing Heizer Park as one of the considerations, Henderson said they also involved Great Bend City Administrator Kendal Francis and Mayor Cody Schmidt in initial discussions about the plan. purchase of these court systems and possible collaboration on costs. Francis said the project presents a unique opportunity for Great Bend.

“The city is grateful for the recreation commission’s continued commitment to further improving the quality of life in Great Bend through expanded recreation options,” Francis said. “The Mini-Pitch is a unique attraction that would continue to keep Great Bend at the forefront with innovative, state-of-the-art amenities.”

Henderson said the commission has been considering this as a potential project since before COVID-19 began. Henderson and Assistant Superintendent Chris Umphres were approached by a sales representative for the field manufacturer, Musco Lighting, at a conference earlier this year. Henderson said that if they proceed with the project, Great Bend would be the only community in the state of Kansas to have such a facility.

The focus on Monday, Henderson noted, was to gauge the council’s interest in moving forward with a potential project as the council begins planning potential capital spending projects for the 2022-23 budget year. and beyond, now that other major projects are at the back of the commission. view mirror. With the board expressing interest in the project, Henderson said she was proceeding to get a more specific proposal from the company and would hopefully have more details regarding costs and the specifications to be presented at the board meeting in April.

“I think it’s a good idea,” Bauer said. “It definitely has a bit of a destination appeal, because of its setup.”

Planned floor finish

The board approved a proposal from Great American Hardwood Flooring of Wichita for the annual refinishing of gymnasium floors and the GBRC’s two indoor facilities at 1214 Stone and 2718 18th St.

The proposal is $5,742.75 and includes the gymnasium floors of both facilities, as well as the exercise studio floor of the Great Bend Activity Center on 18th Street. The project is programmed annually and is budgeted from capital expenditure funds.

Last year was the first year the work had been outsourced and Great American was also chosen then. It was the only company that could meet the timing specifications of the Rec. Work is to be completed within an 18-day window of August 8-26 this summer, so as not to conflict with summer and fall activities taking place at both facilities.

The project includes finishing the wooden floor surfaces of the gymnasium with urethane oil, cleaning, screening and applying at least two coats of oil-based finish. Henderson said the scope of work is the same as the company last year.

Initially, Henderson said, the commission also considered a larger scope of work that included a full resurfacing and painting of both wood floors, including logos, but the cost would have been around $17,000, so the option has been filed for this year. . Henderson said it could be a project the commission will consider next year, however, when it has more time to go through the bidding process.

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