Fresh and versatile outdoor furniture by KunDesign



The latest furniture from the outdoor brand KunDesign continue to be inspired by nature and life before being translated into contemporary design. Through the creation of flexible and versatile furniture, the brand offers a unique perspective on outdoor spaces and how they could be used in more imaginative ways. When you compare KunDesign’s outdoor furniture with more traditional designs, you can’t help but notice the innovation and imagine how relaxing your days – and nights – can be.

Balance Dining Table + Nest Chairs

A few cool pieces that stand out are the Nest module sofa, the Mooncake stool and the Balance side table. The modular design of the Nest module sofa allows you to combine the rooms as you wish. Outdoors, yes, but also in offices and other commercial spaces. When it comes to versatility, the Mooncake Stool can be used as a stool, side table and more with your imagination. The Lantern series uses solar power and has wireless charging technology, you will find both a hand held lantern and a streetlight sized lantern available to use smart energy.

round table with two lounge chairs on light green background

Chaise Longue + Bloom Table

outdoor patio with two orange stools, a table, a green dining chair and a white wall

orange lamppost on cement floor

Lantern Series

five colorful lanterns on gray ground

Lantern hand lamps

Round dining table on white background

Balance dining table

lounge chair with cushions on white background

Nest lounge chair

olive green round stool on white background

Mooncake stool

olive green coffee table on white background

Lotus Coffee Table

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