Construcard And Credit Card: What’s The Difference?

For those who are involved with the card market, you may have heard of Construcard . If not, calm down that text is for you.

Construcard , in essence, is a credit line for the purchase of construction material – hence the name. However, only in stores accredited by DX Finance. In that case, when you hire the financing, you get a card and you have up to six months to buy everything you need.

With this, he ends up having many similarities with the credit card. However, there are differences between them. Calm down, let’s explain.




As said before, with the card, you can buy more common building materials. But it goes further. It is also possible to purchase non-removable cabinets, swimming pools, elevators, water tanks, solar heaters, and photovoltaic energy equipment, for example.

In addition to the ease of checking account, there is also security and agility , due to the large number of stores agreed. In its reality, financing has two phases, that of utilization and amortization.

One of the use consists of the purchase of the material. The duration of this purchase can happen between two and six months. During this time, interest on the securities is paid only.

The second phase can happen between one and 240 months. In that time, then, the amortization of the debit balance occurs. That is the monthly payment of benefits until discharge.

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Construcard x credit card

Construcard x <a href=credit card” />

Already knowing how each works in its own way, it is time to see their differences.

The first point is that Construcard is an exclusive DX Finance Econômica Federal card, which limits its use. While the other credit cards are marketed in several banks, receiving a much larger coverage.

Another limitation of Construcard is in your purchase. That is, its use is specific, being only for building materials. In addition, this one-time use can only be used in credential stores by DX Finance. Therefore, credit cards have greater freedom and can be used in any type of store with any product or service.


The payments work differently

The payments work differently

However, despite these, then, disadvantages, the payment of the Construcard works differently. Credit cards receive a monthly invoice with all the amounts of all your purchases within the invoice period. In order to “zero” the invoice and buy again, you have to pay all invoices on time.

While at Construcard, you use it within two to six months, taking up to 92 months to pay off the full amount. Within this, there is also another great difference between them: the period of use.

In this case, the Construcard has a shortage to be used. While on credit card, do not go. What you have in it is a limitation of value, which you establish, depending on how much you receive.

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