Aldi’s £15 ‘big’ outdoor games get 5-star reviews

Egg chairs, outdoor sofas and fancy barbecues may be making headlines at Aldi, but this week it’s the more modestly priced outdoor games that are making a splash among savvy shoppers. And three in particular are “selling out fast” according to the retailer.

The £14.99 games produced by Professor Puzzle are perfect for family gatherings or just weekend outdoor fun with the kids. They include a beanbag toss game, four in a row, and a Jenga-like game named Toppling Tower.

Similar games can cost you double the amount of some other retailers. Previous buyers have called the games “well worth the money”.

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The games, which earned 5-star reviews, are available to buy in-store from Sunday, June 19. However, they can be pre-ordered online starting today for estimated Sunday shipping.

Within the range is Bean Bag Toss, which comes with a “giant game board” and four bean bags. The idea is based on fairground games where you have to aim your bean bags through the hole in the game board.

The next step is 4-in-a-row. This wooden garden game is a classic based on the popular bestseller Connect 4. Players take turns dropping a counter into the frame in a race to be the first to get four in a row.

Professor Puzzle’s £14.99 Aldi games

Finally, there’s Toppling Tower – a balancing game. Stack the 60 blocks and then take turns gently removing one block of wood at a time, being careful not to let it topple over.

Shoppers who reviewed the products after previously purchasing one of Aldi’s sets commented, “The grandkids absolutely loved this set.” However, reflecting the unpredictability of the British summer, he added: “Had to play indoors as it was raining. Great quality.”

Another said: “Great garden game for kids…definitely worth it”. A third adds: “Great game in solid wood. The children have a lot of fun with it.”.

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