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Protective softshell jackets for outdoor activities: A complete guide to buying the best

October 31, 2022


To work in the garden during the autumn season, it will be necessary to wear a jacket to keep warm, but without feeling completely sweaty. Eliminate moisture from the inside out. Softshell jackets are of interest to anyone planning to create pallet furniture for the garden in the coming months. Here are some key points to remember.

What is a softshell jacket?

When we talk about a softshell jacket, we are actually talking about the fabric that was used to create it. Anyone who has taken the time to work outdoors knows that when the cool season arrives, dressing for gardening work becomes complicated: you are either too hot or too cold. This is why a wear a protective softshell jacket from a retailer like Engelbert Strauss is a must.

This material is nothing short of miraculous, so it’s no wonder it’s used in so many jackets created for workers, who spend most of their time doing their jobs outdoors. It helps the wearer stay dry, thanks to its water-repellent quality. There is also no need to worry about the wind entering the body, as this type of jacket is also windproof. Most importantly, this material is breathable and elastic. Therefore, when the wearer starts to get too hot, it carries the moisture created inside out, leaving the skin dry and warm.

What to look for in a softshell jacket?

That the main quality of a softshell jacket is that it keeps its owner warm and dry at all times, when working outdoors and in colder climates. Therefore, any of them should exhibit these properties. However, not all of us do the same work or enjoy the same activities in our free time – for example, pallet building will require a jacket close enough to the body that the wearer doesn’t get caught in the wood . , which can snag on fabric when moved.

The choice of softshell The jacket will also depend on other elements: what is the weather like outside? If the temperature gets really low and the wind tends to pick up making it even colder, a softshell jacket with more insulation is required. The weather is, in fact, one of the most important aspects to take into account. The amount of rain that falls during the colder months, or even snow, will also help in choosing the right one to ensure the material is fully waterproof. For complete protection from Mother Nature, shoppers may even decide to opt for one with a hood. Finally, for those who use a lot of tools, it may be better to choose a jacket with lots of pockets.

There is no doubt that buying a softshell The jacket is a good investment, especially for those who plan to continue working outdoors until spring.

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